Welcome! I’ve made myself a new and updated writer site.

I designed it myself though, so there’s a possibility I’ve missed something. So if you find anything broken, it would be great if you could let me know through the contact page.

I intend to keep my old site (and its posts) online for the foreseeable future, but all new content will be on this site.

Mostly the choice to move was based on creating an easier place to find me (and information on my writing) online and to have a fresh site dedicated to my fiction writing and editing work, as opposed to the reviewing etc. I did in the past.

While I don’t necessarily want to delete any old content, the old site was originally made when I was around 20 (and I feel like I’ve changed a fair bit in the intervening six or so years) and I want something that suits my needs now as opposed to then.

Hope you’ll drop by occasionally.

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