This weekend I’m heading to Continuum 12, Melbourne’s annual fan run speculative fiction convention.

I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I’m also on five panels this year on a range of interesting topics.


My panels:


High Gothic (Friday 10th June, 5pm)

Panellists: Jane Routley, Stephanie Lai, Michelle Goldsmith

Is it making a comeback? Why now? What’s it all about anyway?


Writers and Doubt (Saturday 11th June, 4pm)

Panellists: Aidan Doyle, Michelle Goldsmith, Steve Cameron, Tracy Joyce, Robert New

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome. A very real and quite sobering issue, join us for a discussion on how to deal with Imposter Syndrome and what we can do to alleviate it.


Interstitial Fiction (Sunday 12th June, 10am)

Panellists: Michelle Goldsmith, Laura E. Goodin, Laura Wilkinson

What is it? Is it old or new? Is it the most popular genre you’ve never heard of?


Horror Stories (Sunday 12th June, 4pm)

Panellists: Julia Svaganovic, Steve Dillon, Talie Helene, Michelle Goldsmith

Why do we love being scared? Which type of fear works best? Should it have a message or can it just be horror for its own sake?


The Author is a Jerk! (Monday 13th June, 1pm)

Panellists: David McDonald, Jane Routley, Laura E. Goodin, Steve Cameron, Michelle Goldsmith

How do the personal opinions and actions of an author affect the reception of their work and do we really care? Should an author’s personal and professional lives remain separate or should we boycott problematic authors?


So if you’re in Melbourne this weekend consider dropping by. Friday night has gold coin donation entry, so you can join the fun on a budget.


About Continuum:

Continuum is an annual fan run speculative fiction and pop culture convention. From science-fiction to epic fantasy and everything in between, Continuum 12 will celebrate the theme “Stranger Than Fiction”. Continuum runs every year on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. In 2016 the convention will be held between June 10-13 at the Hotel Jasper in Melbourne’s CBD.

Run by fans for fans, Continuum features a great line up of writers and artists at the Hotel Jasper in Melbourne. The guests of honor at the convention will be Queenie Chan and Kylie Chan.

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