Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction

This month I’d like to recommend Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction, which collects a number of novels, novel extracts and short stories from the iconic Finnish writer and is published by Cheeky Frawg Books.

This hefty tome really showcases the breadth of Krohn’s fiction and the works included range from the surreal, to the more classically science fictional. I think it would be hard to read this book and come away unaffected. To me, the fiction has a rare permeating quality,  and I’m sure I’ll carry particular images, turns of phrase and themes from it with me for a long time yet.

Some of my personal favourites included Tainaron: Mail from Another City (translated by Hildi Hawkins), Pereat Mundus: A Novel of Sorts (translated by Hildi Hawkins) and Datura, or A Figment Seen By Everyone (translated by Anna Volmari & J. Robert Tupasela).

More about the book can be found on the publisher’s site.

Header photo by Laura Böök.

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