I’m not sure I quite believe it yet, but I sold a story to Gamut, a forthcoming online magazine that will feature genre fiction on the literary end of the spectrum.

My story is called Love Story; An Exorcism. It’s a (potentially rather harrowing) tale about an abusive friendship between two children, told in the second person.

One of my beta readers described it as ‘beautiful but painful to read’. It’s the type of story that probably won’t be for everyone (due to the style and subject matter) but seems to really resonate with some readers.

The story originally started as a bit of an experiment for me to challenge myself as a writer, but it seems to have worked out quite nicely.  (Apparently mine was the very first unsolicited story they accepted, too).

It’s also my first pro-paying sale of original fiction!

Gamut‘s Editor-in-Chief is Richard Thomas and the Gamut team features a range of talented editors, writers, artists and designers. The site will officially launch in January 2017.

In the meantime, you could check out some of the articles and stories available as a free sample on the Gamut website for a taste of what’s to come.


Images by Luke Spooner (Staff Illustrator for Gamut).

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