I’ve been interviewed as part of the 2016 Aussie SF Snapshot!

I talk to Helen Stubbs about upcoming publications, working on my science fiction novel and next short stories, my writing process and development as a writer, Australian works I’ve recently enjoyed and authors I’d like to meet.

Personally, when I compare this interview to my 2014 interview (the first Snapshot I participated in) it highlights to me that despite various setbacks, over the past couple of years I’ve actually achieved some goals I didn’t expect to meet just yet and made decent progress with my writing. I think it provides some useful perspective when it’s so easy as a writer to feel like you’re getting nowhere and focus on the things you haven’t yet done.

The Australian Spec Fic Snapshot is a biannual project to interview as many people involved in the Australian speculative fiction scene as possible to provide an overview of the field. I always enjoy finding out what everyone is up to and the interviews provide some interesting reading.

If you’re interested in Aussie spec fic, you should definitely check out the other interviews on the Snapshot site. It also hosts archives of past Snapshots.

Header image: Milky Way over Guilderton Lighthouse, Western Australia by inefekt69. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0.

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