My short story Love Story, an Exorcism is out now in the inaugural issue of Gamut.

It’s probably my most confronting piece of fiction published to date, and one of the most experimental (but perhaps also one of the most powerful). I fully expect some people will hate it. And that’s ok. All I hope is that it resonates with a few readers.

Writing this story was a case where the story kind of just flowed out onto the page with relatively little effort once I started. I’m generally an outliner and heavy reviser, so that’s pretty rare for me. Now it’s out there and can stop haunting me (or perhaps just diffuse the haunting across a few other people, as the case may be).

The editing process with Richard Thomas was really professional and pain-free, and I think Luke Spooner’s art really adds something special to the piece.

So if the story sounds like your kind of thing (you messed up individual), I’d love if you’d read it!

You can view it online as a member or buy an ebook or subscription.

If you’re a genre fan and haven’t subscribed to Gamut yet, it’s well worth checking out! Mine is the first new story up but there are some great reprint stories online in the sample, as well as poetry and non-fiction, and the lineup of authors to come looks fantastic.

Hope you have a happy new year and may 2017 not kick you in the face too frequently!

So far, lined up for the year I have some surgery to treat my chronic condition (actually I’m taking part in a surgical trial) and beginning a PhD, which will involve publishing research and hopefully result in the creation of my first full-length book – a linked story collection of weird/interstitial fiction.

Art by Luke Spooner

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